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Sam Lucas / UK / I create things, mostly along the lines of what is considered to be automotive design.

Mattis Dovier
A late night 10 minute doodle from the same view that I do everything in because I’m lazy. 
Had a great few days at New Designers in London and at some corporate day thing at a golf club. 
Nice to make the most of the model; it’s had a good, if short life, now in retirement in a box. 
Space age #citroen #ds (at The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club)
Sketches at New Designers.
Degree Show has gone brilliantly but totally exhausted!Proper photos and video coming very soon. 
Big thanks to architectureofdoom for regular inspiration for how our dystopian future will look like (and the image I based this visual on!).
Bed time!
Seat sketch.
Making a start on final flatwork.
let there be light